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Prioritizing Your Eye Health

Naturally, your eyes produce tears to keep your eyes lubricated. Dry eye occurs when your eyes don’t produce enough good quality tears to keep your eyes moist. Additionally, you can develop dry eye if your tears evaporate too quickly.

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What Are Tears

Made Of?

Tears have a similar structure to saliva. They contain water, fatty oils, salt, and over 1,500 different proteins. Tears are made of 3 distinct layers:

  • Mucous layer: this layer keeps the tear on the eye
  • Aqueous layer: this layer washes away bacteria and protects the cornea
  • Oily layer: this layer keeps the tear from evaporating too quickly

If your tears don’t have the right combination of these layers, they can create dry eye symptoms. If dry eye goes untreated, it can lead to an increased risk of eye infection, inflammation, and other vision problems.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry eye usually affects both eyes. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you may have dry eye:

  • Stinging, burning sensation in the eyes
  • Gritty feeling, like something is in your eye
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Eye redness
  • Discomfort or pain with contact lenses
  • Overly watery eyes
  • Blurred vision

If these symptoms persist or worsen, please give us a call for a thorough examination.

Treating Dry Eye

At Eyes on Sheppard, we’re committed to helping you find relief from dry eye symptoms. We use various state of the art techniques to help you feel comfortable and cared for.

The benefits of radio frequency for dry eye treatment can include improved tear production, increased moisture retention in the eyes, reduced inflammation, and alleviation of dry eye symptoms. Patients may experience relief from dryness, itchiness, redness, and a general improvement in overall eye comfort.

The OCULUS Keratograph 5M is an advanced corneal topographer with a built-in real keratometer and colour camera optimized for external imaging. This technology allows us to examine your meibomian glands, lipid layer, and tear meniscus height measurement.

Various vitamins and minerals can help promote tear production and reduce symptoms of dry eye. Adding certain things into your diet, such as foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce symptoms.

Additionally, we may prescribe artificial tears to help reduce feelings of dryness throughout the day. Certain medical-grade eye drops can also promote good tear production.

IPL therapy for dry eye treatment involves using intense pulsed light to gently heat the meibomian glands, which can improve their function and alleviate dry eye symptoms.

Umay REST provides digital rest and recovery for your eyes and mind for better blinks, better sleep and better calm. By combining multiple clinically proven methods for relaxation, Umay REST can help alleviate eye strain, improve your sleep quality, and support your response to stress.

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We’d be happy to help you find relief from dry eye symptoms. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

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