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Protection in a Digital Landscape

Digital eye strain is more common than ever due to poor usage habits regarding digital devices. Although studies have shown that the blue light emitted from digital devices has minimal negative effects on the eyes, the way we use these devices can be detrimental.

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Symptoms of

Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain, or computer vision syndrome, can create significantly noticeable discomfort and fatigue in the eyes, head, neck, and shoulders. Typically, symptoms of digital eye strain include:

  • Sore, tired eyes that burn or itch
  • Dry, gritty feeling in the eyes
  • Overly watery eyes 
  • Blurred, distorted vision
  • Headache
  • Sore neck, shoulders, or upper back muscles
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Inability to keep the eyes open

Things to Keep in Mind

When using your phone, computer, or tablet, you are focusing on a screen for hours at a time. Being aware of your workspace and positioning can help to reduce the effects of digital eye strain. Additionally, your habits and overall eye health can play a significant role in exacerbating digital eye strain symptoms.

When you come in for an appointment, we may ask you:

  • How many hours a day you work on a computer
  • The setup of your workstation or desk
  • The location and lighting of your workstation
  • Your main tasks or what a typical day looks like
  • Your body positioning

We’ll also perform a comprehensive eye exam to evaluate your visual acuity. Undiagnosed refractive errors often cause your eyes to work harder than they need to, creating added stress when focusing on digital screens for extended periods.

Tips & Tricks

If you work at a job that heavily relies on the use of digital devices, we’ve gathered some helpful tips for reducing discomfort and stress.

If you’re sitting at a desk, your body positioning may be creating discomfort and sore muscles. The screen you’re working on should be around an arm’s length away from your eyes and about 20 degrees below eye level.

Your feet should be flat on the ground with your arms comfortably able to rest on the desk in front of you with elbows bent. Sitting in a chair with a back helps remind you to sit up straight.

If you have the option, set the colour and contrast tones of your screen to match your surroundings. Additionally, set your monitor at an angle to avoid glare from windows or overhead lights. 

Wiping your screen free of dust and fingerprints also helps to avoid difficulty focusing on the images on-screen.

It’s essential to give your eyes a break in the same way you would stretch your legs after sitting for a prolonged period of time. Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to focus on something 20 feet away. The 20-20-20 rule gives your eyes a chance to stretch and refocus before returning to work.

Get Help Keeping Your Eyes Comfortable

We’d be happy to evaluate your eyesight and ensure you’re doing everything you can to avoid digital eye strain. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

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