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The Link Between Your Eyes & Brain

Your eyes and brain share a unique and powerful connection. This relationship is dependent on the perfect alignment between your eyes. Neurolens can help strengthen the relationship between your eyes and brain and manage eye misalignment

We incorporate Neurolens into our eye exams to identify eye misalignment and develop treatment options for your visual needs. Contact us to schedule your eye exam today and see if Neurolens is the right solution for you.

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A Closer Look at Eye Misalignment

When your eyes are aligned, the images sent to your brain are also aligned and clear. Eye misalignment can cause your brain to constantly adjust images and lead to

  • Neck pain
  • Eye fatigue
  • Motion sickness
  • Dry eye sensation
  • Eye strain

At least 2 out of 3 people experience symptoms of eye misalignment and that number is only growing with the shift to remote working and learning.

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How Neurolenses Help

Neurolenses use a contoured prism design to correct eye misalignment naturally and deliver comfortable, clear vision. Using advanced prism technology, Neurolenses can help with trigeminal dysphoria and help you enjoy comfortable vision throughout the day.

Your Neurolens experience begins with an accurate measurement of your eye misalignment. Those measurements are then used to create your unique Neurolenses to help you naturally overcome your eye misalignment symptoms.

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Your visual comfort is important, and Neurolens is an innovative technology that can help you overcome symptoms of eye misalignment. Even minor eye misalignments can cause challenging symptoms, and we want to help you find relief. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out if Neurolens is right for you.

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You can find our beautiful new office at 90 Sheppard Avenue East in North York. Access the building’s parking lot just off of Sheppard Ave East onto the Parkway, around the back of the building. You can also access the Parkway by Doris Avenue, just past the Toronto Catholic School Board.

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