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Adult’s, Senior’s, & Children’s OHIP Eye Exams Will End as of September 1st

As of September 1st, 2021, eye exams and eye conditions that used to be insured by OHIP will no longer be provided by optometrists across Ontario.

Why Job Action?

Ontario governments have long ignored optometrists. Beginning over 30 years ago, an OHIP insured eye exam paid $39.15. Today, it has only increased to $44.65 (on average). With the growth of the industry and inflation, this doesn’t even come close to covering the expenses and costs that go into every eye exam.

As of today, every time we provide an OHIP insured eye exam, it’s at a loss.

An Unfair Balance in Ontario

Ontario is the lowest-paid province in Canada. To reach the second lowest, fees would have to increase by over 60%. This is alarming compared to the other provinces that fully fund eye care.

The Government’s Offer

To support optometrists, the government offered us an 8.48% increase on OHIP insured eye exams. While at first glance this seems effective, it would still leave Ontario more than 30% short of the second-lowest province. This offer does not make up for over 30 years of neglect.

For eye care to be sustainable in our province, the government needs to offer proper funding and make optometrists a priority.

How Does This Affect Me?

If you’re a senior (65+), a child (19 and under), or an adult with OHIP covered eye conditions, we will not be able to see you. For patients that had appointments booked with us after September 1st, we will move you to a priority booking list so we can see you when job action is over. 

If you’re between 20-64 years of age (without an OHIP covered condition), we’ll can still see you for an eye exam. As well, if you’re dealing with an eye emergency, we’ll ensure you receive the care you need.

Can I Pay for My Eye Exam?

No. Provincial law prohibits anyone from paying for any OHIP insured service.

How You Can Help

Please visit to sign our petition or email your MPP. 

Willowdale MPP

Stan Cho Email:

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